ODOR PROOF: Tested and Approved by the North American Fishing Club. Thanks to the special material these durable plastic bags are completely water- and odor-proof. The bags are resealable and thanks to the patented 3-lip seal completely tight. They are ideal for the storage of foods and biohazard materials as well as other odorous substances and materials. OPSAK is food safe, odor-proof, washable and reusable. In OPSAK everything stays the way it should stay.

  • Foods are safe kept from bears / foxes / dogs / mice / insects and other animals. Ideal for camping.
  • Dehydrated food can be prepared easily with hot water directly in OPSAK.
  • Protects food in the freezer effective from freezer burn.
  • When trekking your garbage can be securely stowed in OPSAK to take it back from your hike in a leave “no trace” manner.
  • Is often used for body waste when big wall climbing.
  • Ideal to transport liquids when flying.
  • Perfect for the storage and transportation of medicine.
  • Through the anaerobic characteristics OPSAK is also used for the cultivation of mushrooms.
  • Is often used for long-term storage of various materials / documents.
  • Storage and transport of cigars.
  • Used by laboratories for the transport of biological materials such as dead animals.
  • Proven for the transport of living organs.
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +76°C

Material: High-tech-film (thickness 5 mil = 0,127 mm), odor-proof, anaerobically, free of BPA or other harmful chemicals Tensile strength: Typical Value MD: 3,720 PSI / TD: 2,630 PSI (ASTM Method D-882).

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